News at airport 


Air Race Jasna

Join us for an exhilarating Air Race event for small UL and Experimental aircraft! Watch as pilots compete in the sky. During the day, you can also visit the museum of Czechoslovak aviation history and enjoy an evening oldies party with Radio Vlna. For more information, click here.
Registration form for aircraft parking at the airport: Registration form

Rockwell Commander 500a

At the Jasna airport last week on September 3, 2020, we welcomed a new aircraft in our fleet. It is a 7-seat aircraft (2 pilots) Rockwell Commander 500a (reg. OK-CPT), manufactured by Aero Commander, today known as Gulfstream Aerospace. It is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft, capable of flying at speeds of almost 400km / h and at an altitude of 19,000 feet. The maximum range of the aircraft is 1735km. The empty weight of the aircraft is 2100 kg and the maximum take-off weight is 3000 kg.


Sky Rental - Compact Skydive and flying

At JASNA Airport, we recently welcomed the professional sports team RENTAL OF THE SKY - Compact Skydive and flying, which provides comprehensive services in the field of sports and recreational skydiving. They organize tandem jumps and parachute courses for those interested in jumping from a plane or helicopter.
Try to "fly", experience indescribable emotions and say "WAU" when looking at the panorama of the Low or High Tatras from a height of 3000m.