Aerodrome JASNA is new international private airport located in the beautiful surroundings of Low Tatras, located at Slovakia in Liptov region near the thermal paradise Bešeňová  and Tatralandia. The airport jasna was found by renovation of old agricultural airport Gôtovany, built in the seventies of the 20ct. The operating license for the airport Jasna received Ing. Miroslav Toma as a private person on 14.12.2010 and was subsequently assigned to international airport ICAO code LZJS (Montreal dec. 2010) and the Ministry of Transport assigned radio frequency 123.4 MHz.


Airport JASNA dispose with Bituminous concrete runway 08/26. Paved path length of 550 meters and a width of 15 meters allows for year-round operation. Grassy strip has dimensions of 644 x 36 meters. The airport has taxiway, apron, gazebo and shed, which are necessary sanitary facilities, showers, briefing, kitchen and two separate quads. As well as internet connection by wi-fi.


Parking aircraft is monitored by CCTV and the anchor can be used airplanes airport mooring ropes. The airport is also available petrol Natural 95 that rides in canisters from very near gas station.


Airport hangar used for parking Cirrus (SR-22 G2) and Dynamic WT-9 (Professional Edition). It also permanently parked Cessna 152 and LK-2 Sluka. Very frequent guest is Martin Kučera from airport Brno, which frequently flown by Cirrus SR-22 G3 and Dynamic WT-9. Close cooperation has been established with members from Modelklub Liptov who find hard to airport facilities and space for flying and hangaring their giant model category XXXL. Even during the reconstruction of the airport, which ran for almost two years, the airport Aerodrome JASNA made some nice action. Last time it was the international aero-modeller action giants 2012 R / C Aircraft show (June 2012), from which the photos you can see here a video report in TV Markíza NEWS you can see HERE


At the airport are available drinks and snacks. Pizzeria Kubo provides for airport JASNA hot meals to order with delivery in 30 minutes. In winter, the airport operates ski rental and summer mountain bike. It is also possible to rent a minibus eight (see the price list in the contact section). Attraction for visitors is the magnificent setting of the High and Low Tatras, as in winter and in summer, and the proximity to the thermal swimming pool and Tatralandia, all year round.


Few words from owner: Aerodrome JASNA has opened the door to all flying enthusiasts, but also for other visitors by appointment at a frequency, by telephone, in writing or through friends. We welcome any meeting pilots, model makers, sailors, as well as corporate or teambuilding activities, for which we can create a stable environment with a touch of pleasant atmosphere aviation. Moreover, in the near future we plan to airport runway extension, foundation schools and aviation training center, tandem skydiving, but just JASNA Aerodrome is available for a variety of social events air  but also non-air character.


Aerodrome JASNA - little  BIG airport!




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